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Ophilia Bledsoe, Founder, and creator of Simply Ophilia has been building her health & fitness brand for years. She has become a role model to many who seek to find their health & wellness inspiration through journaling, health, and fitness. 


She has built a platform to share her fitness journey with women and men from all walks of life. She is watched on social media by thousands of women and men who utilize her teachings to better themselves throughout the process of her fitness programs and daily routines.


Ophilia has helped change the lives of many and continues to thrive as she makes strides within her personal brand.  Ophilia looks forward to sharing how she finds happiness in different aspects of life. Through her content on Instagram and Facebook, you will find Ophilia’s eating tips, workouts, and personal life to be a staple in bringing happiness to your life!


She believes personal success is achievable for all people if we are willing to put in the work. So set Goals, Manifest and practice Self Care with Ophilia, and become your best you! 

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